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Nasal Air Filters


How It Works

Nose Budz™ consists of a small conical filter which when inserted in the nose prevents droplet containing viruses and other particles such as bacteria and allergens to gain access to the respiratory system. The filter is uniquely designed to be engaged during inhalation only and disengaged during exhalation.

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Nose Budz™ Provides protection against viruses and other airborne pathogens in crowded contaminated environments such as airports, concerts, airplanes, fairs or other crowded or polluted area. Nose Budz provides protection against other viruses and other air.

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Dr. Robert Brunst MD, Phd

The inventor and Co- Owner of Nose Budz™ practices adult medicine in Encinitas California and is affiliated with Scripps Memorial Hospital’s Encinitas and La Jolla facilities.

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