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Adds hands-free partner import runner
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mekarpeles committed Sep 23, 2021
2 parents 18e9da0 + d0c75ee commit bafa129acf6bc3b4f45394d66440e6bfbf7be945
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@@ -0,0 +1,194 @@
Process partner bibliographic csv data into importable json book
records and then batch submit into the ImportBot
`import_item` table (
which queues items to be imported via the
Open Library JSON import API:

import os
import re
import sys
import web
import datetime
from datetime import timedelta
import logging
import requests

# Add openlibrary into our path so we can process config + batch functions
from openlibrary.core.imports import Batch
from infogami import config
from openlibrary.config import load_config

logger = logging.getLogger("openlibrary.importer.bwb")


class Biblio():

'title', 'isbn_13', 'publish_date', 'publishers',
'weight', 'authors', 'lc_classifications', 'pagination',
'languages', 'subjects', 'source_records'
"copyright", "issn", "doi", "lccn", "dewey", "length",
"width", "height"
REQUIRED_FIELDS = requests.get(SCHEMA_URL).json()['required']

def __init__(self, data):
self.isbn = data[124]
self.source_id = 'bwb:%s' % self.isbn
self.isbn_13 = [self.isbn]
self.title = data[10]
self.publish_date = data[20][:4] # YYYY, YYYYMMDD
self.publishers = [data[135]]
self.weight = data[39]
self.authors = self.contributors(data)
self.lc_classifications = data[147]
self.pagination = data[36]
self.languages = [data[37].lower()]
self.source_records = [self.source_id]
self.subjects = [
s.capitalize().replace('_', ', ')
for s in data[91:100]
# + data[101:120]
# + data[153:158]
if s

# Inactive fields
self.copyright = data[19]
self.issn = data[54]
self.doi = data[145]
self.lccn = data[146]
self.dewey = data[49]
# physical_dimensions
# e.g. "5.4 x 4.7 x 0.2 inches"
self.length, self.width, self.height = data[40:43]

# Assert importable
assert self.isbn_13
for field in self.REQUIRED_FIELDS:
assert getattr(self, field)

def contributors(data):
def make_author(name, _, typ):
author = {'name': name}
if typ == 'X':
# set corporate contributor
author['entity_type'] = 'org'
# TODO: sort out contributor types
# AU = author
# ED = editor
return author

contributors = (
(data[21+i*3], data[22+i*3], data[23+i*3]) for i in range(5)

# form list of author dicts
authors = [make_author(*c) for c in contributors if c[0]]
return authors

def json(self):
return {
field: getattr(self, field)
for field in self.ACTIVE_FIELDS
if getattr(self, field)

def load_state(path, logfile):
"""Retrieves starting point from logfile, if log exists
Takes as input a path which expands to an ordered candidate list
of bettworldbks* filenames to process, the location of the
logfile, and determines which of those files are remaining, as
well as what our offset is in that file.
e.g. if we request path containing f1, f2, f3 and our log
says f2,100 then we start our processing at f2 at the 100th line.
This assumes the script is being called w/ e.g.:
filenames = sorted([
os.path.join(path, f)
for f in os.listdir(path)
if f.startswith("bettworldbks")
with open(logfile) as fin:
active_fname, offset = next(fin).strip().split(',')
unfinished_filenames = filenames[filenames.index(active_fname):]
return unfinished_filenames, int(offset)
except (ValueError, OSError):
return filenames, 0

def update_state(logfile, fname, line_num=0):
"""Records the last file we began processing and the current line"""
with open(logfile, 'w') as fout:
fout.write('%s,%s\n' % (fname, line_num))

def csv_to_ol_json_item(line):
"""converts a line to a book item"""
b = Biblio(line.strip().split('|'))
return {
'ia_id': b.source_id,
'data': b.json()

def batch_import(path, batch, batch_size=5000):
logfile = os.path.join(path, 'import.log')
filenames, offset = load_state(path, logfile)

for fname in filenames:
book_items = []
with open(fname, 'r') as f:"Processing: %s from line %s" % (fname, offset))
for line_num, line in enumerate(f):

# skip over already processed records
if offset:
if offset > line_num:
offset = 0

except UnicodeDecodeError:

# If we have enough items, submit a batch
if not ((line_num + 1) % batch_size):
update_state(logfile, fname, line_num)
book_items = [] # clear added items

# Add any remaining book_items to batch
if book_items:
update_state(logfile, fname, line_num)

def main():
os.sep, 'olsystem', 'etc', 'openlibrary.yml')))
# Partner data is offset ~15 days from start of month
date = - timedelta(days=15)
batch_name = "%s-%04d%02d" % ('bwb', date.year, date.month)
batch = Batch.find(batch_name) or
batch_import(sys.argv[1], batch)

if __name__ == '__main__':
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
from ..partner_batch_imports import Biblio

csv_row = "USA01961304|0962561851||9780962561856|AC|I|TC||B||Sutra on Upasaka Precepts|The||||||||2006|20060531|Heng-ching, Shih|TR||||||||||||||226|ENG||0.545|22.860|15.240|||||||P|||||||74474||||||27181|USD|30.00||||||||||||||||||||||||||||SUTRAS|BUDDHISM_SACRED BOOKS|||||||||REL007030|REL032000|||||||||HRES|HRG|||||||||RB,BIP,MIR,SYN|1961304|00|9780962561856|67499962||PRN|75422798|||||||BDK America||1||||||||10.1604/9780962561856|91-060120||20060531|||||REL007030||||||" # noqa: E501

class TestBiblio:
def test_sample_csv_row(self):
b = Biblio(csv_row.strip().split('|'))
data = {
'title': 'Sutra on Upasaka Precepts',
'isbn_13': ['9780962561856'],
'publish_date': '2006',
'publishers': ['BDK America'],
'weight': '0.545',
'authors': [{'name': 'Heng-ching, Shih'}],
'pagination': '226',
'languages': ['eng'],
'subjects': ['Sutras', 'Buddhism, sacred books'],
'source_records': ['bwb:9780962561856']
assert b.json() == data

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